Car Detailing

Specialist car detailing and maintenance for interior and exterior cleaning and restoration for vehicles.

The NanoTech Auto care system comprises of multiple individual vehicle services and any single service or all can be undertaken depending on client’s requirements.  A full record of the work is provided by the NanoTech Auto technician, which should be retained in the vehicle service pack for future reference.  It lists the various processes undertaken, the products used and includes a video of the work.

Clay Tech Towel (for new and well-maintained vehicles)

Using a specialist clay-towel all exterior painted surfaces on the vehicle are treated, gently removing tiny particles and contamination from the lacquer.  The surface is then decontaminated of any silicon particles resulting in a super smooth surface for the application of a Liquid Glass Shield protective coating.

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Holographic Swirl Removal

We use an anti-hologram fine machine polish and anti-hologram buffing head on the car to eliminate swirl marks in previously badly treated /polished painted surfaces.  Often prevalent in darker, metallic, pearlescent and single coat painted surfaces.  The vehicle surface is then decontaminated of any silicone particles and an application of Liquid Glass Shield is applied for protection.
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Car Scratch Removal

Our scratch removal process for light to medium surface scratches on vehicles that have not penetrated the base coat layer.  Usually obtained by branches, vandalism, handbags, jewellery etc on topcoat lacquers.  We are able to correct the scratch damaged area by machine polishing and then applying auto care Liquid Glass Shield surface protection to the panel.

Complete Vehicle Surface Correction

Light/medium vehicle scratches are removed using a medium-coarse compound polish and then machine buffing which gives a super smooth surface and includes an anti-hologram machine polish process, producing the finest surface for the application of the Liquid Glass Shield protector.

Glass Cleaning & Protection

Deep cleaning for vehicle windows and screens, this requires removal of mineral deposits and particulates ensuring a better than new finish.  Coating the prepared surface with Liquid Glass Shield automotive glass treatment gives a mechanically flat surface to the glass, which quickly removes water spray and stops glass staining.  The coating significantly improves visibility while providing “self-cleaning” characteristics to the glass.  As part of this service, windshield wiper blades are changed and upgraded with fast clear System-Six units.

Vehicle Interior Carpets & Upholstery

Deep clean of vehicle carpeting and upholstery.  Our specialist organic cleaning product gently removes dirt without damaging sensitive surfaces; there are no abrasives used in this process and once fully cleaned, Liquid Glass Shield is used to protect the freshly cleaned surface stopping the ingress of dirt and reducing UV fatigue.  The coating is highly resistant to water and other liquids such as soft drinks as well as cosmetics and lotions.

Convertible Roof Cleaning & Protection

Using our natural organic cleaner we gently remove dirt and mould from the cars exterior fabric paying special attention around seams and joins, which often trap dirt and grime.   Once fully cleaned the fabric is coated in Liquid Glass Shield, which stops dirt and road film damaging the fibres.  The coating is highly resilient and is able to reduce UV and acid rain from damaging the roof covering while significantly improving water resistance.

Glass Thermal Protection

Cooler summers and warmer winters

Nano Tech Auto is the only UK vehicle detailer authorised to supply and install Liquid Thermo Shield on vehicles.  This nano-coating is applied to all glass surfaces and significantly reduces Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) entering the vehicle via the windows.  This coating has been designed specifically for vehicle applications and is not affected by moisture and pollutants, the coating is able to block UV by 99% and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle by 17C (63F) on hot days.  In winter it works by insulating the treated surfaces, therefore keeping heat within the vehicle.

Headlamp Restoration

Ultra-Violet (UV) faded headlamps are restored to their original bright condition using the Nano Tech Auto plastic restoration system.  Once the headlamps are restored they are protected with an application of Liquid Glass Shield to stop future UV fading and deterioration.

Glass Scratch Removal

Light scratches are removed from windscreen glass using our nano tech glass restoration system. Once the scratch is removed the glass panel is coated with Liquid Glass Shield to enhance optical clarity and self-cleaning characteristics.

To keep your vehicle looking at its best

After the Nanotech Auto treatment, we provide a FREE 1st clean to demonstrate the cleaning process required to maintain the life of the protective coating.  This service is offered with our anti-hologram and complete surface restoration packages.
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