Exterior Automotive Pack


1 x Decontamination Towel
1 x Vehicle Shampoo (concentrate) – 50ml
1 x Glass Cleaner – 50ml
1 x Super Durable Glass Coating – 50ml
1 x Paint Coating (Polish) – 100ml
1 x Glass coating application sponge
3 x Microfibre Buffing Towel
1 x Instructions

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The exterior automotive pack is designed to protect automotive exteriors including the painted/lacquer, glass, light clusters and alloy wheels from dirt, UV, water, air pollution, ice and snow for a period in excess of 18 months. Perfect in all climates, hot and cold. The pack contains everything you need to get a professional finish on your vehicle that not only looks good but protects from abrasion and scratches. The pack contains everything you need to coat and protect small, medium and large passenger vehicles.