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Superior Vehicle Treatment and Protection

Once reserved for specialist markets, Nanotech Auto treatment and protection is now available for every vehicle in the UK and Europe.

Benefit and appreciate the highest quality works and the most advanced automotive technology protection.

Latest Vehicle Care and Protection Products

Nanotech Auto also offer our specialist products for sale for you to carry out the application process yourself.



Why Nanotech Auto?

Nanotech Auto provide highly advanced mobile car detailing and auto body repair services across the UK and Europe.

With over 30 years experience in vehicle body repair and paint correction, the team at Nanotech Auto have brought together skilled technicians and the most advanced European nanotechnology coatings and automobile treatments from Liquid Glass Shield.

Nanotech Auto has co-developed a fully portable treatment and application chamber, which allows a vehicle to be fully encapsulated in carbon filtered air while work is undertaken. This provides the best conditions for key processes involved in applying the various nanocoatings, which in turn gives the best long-lasting benefits to the client.

The service provided by Nanotech Auto is so highly valued that they have been asked to work on some of the world's most valuable vehicles, some even being used in films, movies and countless exhibitions and shows


Windscreen Coating

Watch how the Nanotech Auto Glass Pack is used to decontaminate and protect automotive windscreen glass.

Our glass protection coats and flattens the surface that stops dirt and grime bonding. You will no longer have to scrape ice off in the winter months!

Once protected, the windscreen will naturally repel water, dirt, snow and even ice.


Preparation is key to the treatment process; just applying a coating, however good, to a poorly prepared vehicle not only reduces the life and effectiveness of the coating but also in some cases can do more damage than good.


Fabric Coating

Watch how Nanotech Auto's fabric coating treats and protects car hoods.

The fabric coating product can also be used on fabric seats and carpets.

Following treatment, the hood will naturally repel water, dirt, snow and ice.



Assessment and Restoration of Mercedes SLK 230 convertible

The assessment of the Mercedes showed edge surface corrosion, bonnet badge corrosion and surface scratches on the roof. The Alloy wheels were corroded, there was lacquer delamination, wheel arch surface corrosion and the wheel hub/caliper/inner arch required cleaning.

Watch the video to see the amazing restoration transformation.

Martyn Strickland from Nanotech Auto Explains

"The number one issue we see today is preparation. Without the surface being fully prepared the coating, however good, will just not work effectively. At Nanotech Auto we fully prepare any surface that is going to be treated which incorporates full paint correction procedures which remove light scratching, paint swirls and holographic marking on the lacquer. On glass surfaces, we deep clean the glass, as normal cleaning techniques don’t remove the minute deposits that sit in the fishers in the glass. Most of us don’t realise that glass is not flat, under a powerful microscope glass is not very smooth and rather resembles the surface of Mars with millions of small dips and crevices, these hold particles of dirt, minerals and pollutants, If these are not removed the glass protection system will not work effectively. Many car experts applying nanocoatings to unprepared surfaces and although everything seems good at the time the life of the protection will be seriously reduced and will need reapplication at the cost to the client. At Nanotech Auto we make sure that until all surfaces are fully prepared then a coating will not be applied, it's our guarantee of quality and integrity for all our clients".
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