Audi Quattro leather repair

Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro Leather Repair

This Audi convertible came to us for a leather seat repair. As you can see in the first image the side bolster had become worn and as the leather was getting thin the stitching had started to give way. The rest of the car was immaculate and the driver’s seat really let the vehicle down. There are many companies offering quick repairs which essentially are a cover-up service and use flexible fillers and leather painting, this kind of repair is only cosmetic and over time the repair will fail. The only way to correctly repair a seat is to completely remove the seat cover, unstitch and remove the damaged/worn panels and replace with new leather. New foam is normally fitted which brings back original structure and feel. Matching stitching is also essential, our upholsterers are extensively experienced in interior repair/restoration and can undertake works on all vehicles.